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Buy gift cards with Bitcoin from Bitrefill, directly from your CoinStep account.

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We've partnered with Bitrefill to bring you gift cards from all your favourite retailers that can be bought with Bitcoin or Lightning.

 Buy gift cards and purchase goods from top retailers including, Amazon, Nike and Just Eat.
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 Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin
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From clothes to food to entertainment, there are thousands of gift cards to choose from - living on Bitcoin has never been easier!

 Buy gift cards from top retailers including, Asda, Spotify and Waterstones

Get started in three simple steps....


 Buy Bitcoin and store it in your Bitcoin wallet

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Make sure your Bitcoin wallet is loaded


 Browse and select giftcards from top retailers

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Choose from thousands of gift cards from all of your favourite retailers


 Pay for gift card with Bitcoin using Lightning

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Pay and away you go!

 Buy gifts cards with Bitcoin through Bitrefill

About Bitrefill

Bitrefill provides products and services that allow anyone to live on cryptocurrency more easily. provides a catalogue of gift cards, prepaid mobile refills, and Lightning Network services that can be purchased using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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