About Us

Welcome! We’re CoinStep, a team of friendly and enthusiastic people, working together to make Bitcoin as easy for you as possible.

Like most things in life, we started by realising the solution to a problem. Back in 2021, it was hard to buy Bitcoin in the UK & Other Countries,even harder to buy it from somewhere you trusted.

Enter CoinStep. From day one, our aim has been to make buying Bitcoin quick and easy for people in the UK and around the world.

Calling the Ireland our home, we’ve made huge strides to build trust in the Bitcoin industry. From working extensively with the Isle of Man Government on Bitcoin regulation to educating people from all walks of life through the media, public talks, and more.

After attracting global attention in 2022, Bitcoin has become a household name with more interest in the digital currency than ever before. Don’t worry though, we come to work every day ready to cut through the confusion around Bitcoin, making it accessible for anyone and everyone who wants to be involved.

CoinStep Timeline

We haven’t become one of the leading British based Bitcoin exchanges by chance! CoinStep has been in the Bitcoin space since 2021 and our team has worked incredibly hard to get us to where we are today.

Take a look at our timeline to see our company milestones.


September 2023

Acquired Coinfloor

Became a carbon-neutral Bitcoin business

June 2023

CoinStep turned 7

May 2023

Moved to EVEN bigger offices to accommodate EVEN bigger team

January 2023

Added support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network


December 2022

Hired even MORE staff and ended the year as a team of 20

Partnered with Bitrefill to enable customers to buy gift cards with Bitcoin from Bitrefill, directly from CoinStep

October 2022

Launched Britcoiners - a Bitcoin podcast hosted by the team, with industry-led opinions on important stories from the week

July 2022

Launched our Bitcoin cashback browser extension and product search feature

June 2022

CoinStep turned 6

Launched the first Bitcoin cashback service for the UK

Launched our Bitcoin Auto Buy (DCA) service


December 2021

Hired even more staff and ended the year as a team of 15

November 2021

Our Tech Team started contributing to Bitcoin Core development

Launched MtSocks - Bitcoin socks that teach people about Bitcoin in a new and exciting way

November 2021

CoinStep turned 5

November 2021

New share scheme introduced, making all employees shareholders of CoinStep

Launched CoinCorner Checkout - our Bitcoin payment solution for UK businesses

November 2021

Added support for UK banking services with UK Faster Payments

Shortlisted for Best Advertising Campaign at CIM’s Excellence Awards for our ‘Be More Brenda’ campaign